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What is the Best Type of Carpet? 

If you’re looking for a flooring option that is soft, warm, and bring comfort to any space, then carpet flooring is for you. Carpet is still one of the top flooring options homeowners lean towards. What makes a carpet different from a rug is that it stretches from wall to wall and covers the entire floor. At Hopkins Carpet One Floor & Home we carry carpets that will suit the needs of just about every home.

What Type of Carpet is Best for Pets?

There are carpet characteristics that play a role in how the carpet functions. The base material, pile style, and carpet cushion all make up the carpet. These characteristics can determine a lot of things about your carpet, like how durable it is and if it is stain resistant. Some carpets even come in a waterproof option. Pile styles are the fiber of the carpet and are what makes up the density of the carpet.

Carpet fibers can be made out of different materials and make an impact on the look and feel of the carpet. It also determines the stain and matting resistance as well as long term durability. Nylon and polyester fibers are synthetic and can be made to be durable and soft. Wool carpets are made from natural fibers that have a lot of added benefits.

Top Carpet Brands

Check out our carpet selection at our Hopkins Carpet One showroom in Hopkins, MN and choose which brand is right for your home! Brands we carry include Masland, Tigressa, Bigelow, Innovia, Lees, and Resista. 

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Wool Carpet Benefits

Wool is a natural fiber that has a lot of great benefits. Not only are wool carpet super soft, they also are long lasting and perfect for homes with children. 

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Best Type of Carpets

Choosing the perfect carpet can sometimes be difficult. Let us give you a few tips about how to choose the best carpet for your home. 

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