Soft Surface Flooring

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Soft Surface Flooring

Shop Hopkins Carpet One in Hopkins, MN for a wide variety of flooring options. We offer the largest selection of top carpet brands and products at competitive prices. Choose between carpet, carpet tile, and area rugs. Our experts want to help you find the best flooring to meet your needs and lifestyle.


Requiring less maintenance than ever before, carpet has improved greatly over the years. The improvement to carpet fiber engineering makes carpets stronger and resistant to stains. Colors, patterns, and textures are endless and can fulfill any décor style. Carpet is also a natural insulator that can keep your home cozy and comfortable. See some of our brands below:

Masland | TigressaBigelow Innovia Lees | Resista | & More

Area Rugs

Used for design purposes and also for practical reasons, area rugs can bring an element of comfort to any room. They can create boundaries in an open-concept home and are also capable of creating a cohesive feel.  However, area rugs aren’t just valuable in a style aspect, they are also efficient is protecting hard surface flooring and reducing noise. At Hopkins Carpet One you can choose between several styles and textures of area rugs or customize your own!

Our experts want to help you find the best flooring for your home or business. Trust us to make the selection and installation of your floors easy!

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