Tigressa Carpet Selection

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Tigressa at Hopkins Carpet One

Hopkins Carpet One is proud to carry industry leading brands such as Tigressa. Tigressa offers innovative carpets that compliment every lifestyle. Matching décor is an easy task with Tigressa carpets, and their patented Color Protective Technology ensures that your carpets remain as beautiful as day one.

Tigressa carpets are also highly durable and require less maintenance than many other brands. Tigressa’s carpet fibers are half the size of a human hair, resulting in incomparable softness. Fiber bundles within the carpet are able to hold more fibers per square inch which makes the carpet stronger. From luxurious feel to kid-friendly carpets, Tigressa has something for everyone. Visit our Tigressa SoftStyle, Tigressa Cherish, and Tigressa H2O pages and discover all that Tigressa has to offer.

* Save during the National Tigressa Event, now thru July 7th!

Meet the Tigressa Family

  1. Tigressa Carpet in living room

    Tigressa Cherish: Ultimate comfort offered in several colors and textures

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  2. Tigressa carpet in dining area

    Tigressa H2O: Pet-friendly and kid-friendly carpet

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  3. Tigressa carpet in living room

    Tigressa SoftStyle: Bring warmth and comfort to the home or office

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