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carpet checklist


_____ SEAMS - All carpets will show seams. "There is no such thing as an invisible seam. Berbers, low profile, flat 
weave, pattern loops all will show more than a plush carpet. Lighting from windows will enhance the visibility of a 
seam. Your estimator will decide on the best layout and seam placement for your carpet selection. Please review 
seam placement with our estimator before signing.
_____ SHEDDING - New carpet can and will shed. Fiber type, twist and construction will affect how much a carpet 
will shed. It is normal to see some fibers in your vacuum for the first 6 months. Shedding is not a manufacturing 
_____SHADING/TEXTURE - Carpet can appear to look and feel different once installed in your home. Dye-lots, 
lighting, paint color, furniture layout all will affect the appearance of your carpet. Please remember the carpet 
sample you are looking at is only a representative of what you will be getting, not an exact match.
_____ ROLL MARKS/INDENTS - Sometimes carpets can have crush/roll marks that are noticed after the carpet is 
installed. This condition is not a defect. Please be aware heavy objects, such as furniture can and will leave 
permanent dents in your carpet. As per the manufacturer, allow up to 60 days for roll marks to relax.
_____ STAIR RUNNERS/STEPS - Pattern carpet/runners will not line up the same on each step unless extra carpet is 
ordered to specially do so. Not all staircases are square and true. This may cause the pattern to drift side to side. 
Runners can be installed two ways: 1. “Waterfall” - the carpet will extend over the step nose and “fall” at an angle 
to the next tread. There will be a visible gap with this type of installation. 2. Tailored/upholstery - the carpet will 
extend over the step nose and be tacked under the nose. Please review your choices with your estimator. Once the 
carpet is installed on your step it cannot be changed. Carpet installed on steps is not covered by manufacturer’s 
warranty, unless otherwise noted.
_____ WOVEN/FLAT WEAVE CARPETS - These carpets require special care. Some cannot be vacuumed using a 
beater bar vacuum. Seams in these carpets are very noticeable. Some products cannot have cross seams or be 
seamed at all. Your estimator will review your selection and seam placement to make sure it will fit your needs.
_____ PATTERN CARPETS - All pattern carpets have pattern matches. When figuring seams, we need to add the 
appropriate match everywhere there is a seam. This can add a substantial amount of carpet to your job. There is no 
such thing as a “square” room. Certain patterns can accentuate this, especially hallways. Small print, diamonds, 
square patterns, will show a wall running out of square.
_____ WALLS/BASEBOARDS/ACCESS - Carpet comes in rolls 12 to 16’4 foot wide. If we are installing carpet in an
area that has difficult access or attempting to bring carpet into a basement or attic there could be some marks and 
scuffs on your walls, baseboards, and railings. We will do everything possible to avoid marking your baseboards and 
walls. Hopkins Carpet One is not responsible for touching up, repainting or reimbursing for light marks and scuffs 
due to installation or access issues.
_____ PREPARATION - Please remove all personal items, clothing, toys, small furniture, breakables, remove china 
from hutch, empty bottoms of closets, remove linens from beds, remove drawers from dressers, disconnect and 
remove any electronics, computers, TV’s. It is important to have this completed before the installer arrives at your 
home. Hopkins Carpet One cannot move delicate items such as window treatments, grandfather clocks, pianos, 
large entertainment units and pool tables. Please make arrangements in advance to have these items moved. The
temperature must remain at a minimum of 65 degrees 48 hours before and after installation. If your floor squeaks, 
please mark the area at time of measure/installation. Installer has option of using plywood subfloor or leveling 
_____ REMOVING DOORS - We will remove doors and re-hang them as needed however if they need to be cut the 
installer will leave them off so you can arrange to have them cut.
_____ CLEAN UP/ODORS - Our installers will vacuum. They will remove all scraps, tubes, plastic and wrappers. They 
will leave behind any sizable pieces, door mat sized or larger. Use your coupon for binding. Please be aware that 
your carpet may still have loose fibers, sprouts, and fuzz. You will need to vacuum your new carpet a few times to 
completely remove these items. There may be dust generated from installing your new carpet or from ripping up 
and removing your existing carpet. Neither Hopkins Carpet One nor the installers are responsible for cleaning up or 
removing dust. You may notice your carpet or pad has a noticeable odor after installation. This is not a defect, nor 
hazardous to you or your family. The odor should dissipate within 2-3 weeks.
_____ ELECTRICAL/ALARM WIRES AND PIPES – Hopkins Carpet One is not responsible for cut, pierced, or broken
electrical/alarm wires or pipes that are improperly placed/ran in walls, along baseboards, under floors and not in 
accordance with your local building code. Extra parts and services will incur additional charges. All electronics must 
be disconnected from wall. 
_____ FLOOR PROTECTORS / MATS – Refrain from placing adhesive covering for more than 24 hrs.
_____ MAINTENANCE - Vary according to manufacturer and materials selected. Ask your sales representative for 
details or see approved vacuums on the CRI Website  
_____ WARRANTIES - Vary according to manufacturer and materials selected. Ask your sales representative for 
details. Or reference our website: 
_____ BEAUTIFUL GUARANTEE- At Hopkins Carpet One Floor we know how important it is for you to feel confident 
in your flooring selection. Therefore, we strive to ensure that the floor we’ve created together is as beautiful as the 
one in your dreams. If not, we’ll replace it for free. That’s what we call The Beautiful Guarantee®. Ask your sales 
representative for details. Or reference our website:  
Please understand an extra service charge may apply for any extra work incurred due to unforeseen problems with 
your sub-floor or lack of proper preparation leading to extra time spent on your job by the installers

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