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Does your home have a wooden staircase? Have you wanted to do something with it, but you’re just not sure what the right choice is? Then let’s talk about stair runners for your Minneapolis home!

Stair runners, quite simply, are “carpet that runs up the stairs.” While they can be easily overlooked, there are many benefits to adding stair runners to your home.

1. Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Stairs, and especially hardwood stairs, can be expensive to replace. Adding a stair runner can help protect them from scratches or other damage caused by regular use. Incorporating a stair runner can also minimize how frequently you may need to refinish your hardwood floors!

2. Style and Options

Stair runners bring a unique beauty and sophistication to your home. They draw attention, while remaining perfectly accented by the strips of bare wood floors on either side.

Plus, with almost any carpet from our showroom available to create your custom stair runner, you’ll have plenty of options to fit your aesthetics and match your home with ease.

3. Safety

Do you have kids, elderly or disabled family members, or pets? A stair runner can help protect them from injury on your hardwood steps. By adding cushioning and a material on which socks will gain more traction, you could prevent some nasty falls and keep your loved ones safe.

4. Noise Reduction

Are your wooden stairs creaky? Luckily, the padding from stair runners can help minimize noise as it absorbs the sound! Walking up and down your steps will become a lot quieter with a stair runner, which is a huge benefit for families with differing morning routines and schedules!

5. Easy Installation from Hopkins Carpet One

stair runners minneapolis

When you choose stair runners from Hopkins Carpet One, you also get the added benefit of easy and professional installation! One of our professionals will come to your house to perform a complimentary measurement to get the process of creating your custom stair runner started. Then you can select one of our many carpet options from the showroom, or we can make recommendations based on your lifestyle! After that, we make your custom stair runner, come back to your house and install it. Easy as that, with minimal work on your end. Our professionals know how to install stair runners on any stairs, no matter the shape, size or layout.

6. Easy to Clean and Maintain

While stair runners can get dirty fairly quickly, especially if you or your family wear your shoes up and down, they are just as easy to clean as carpeted stairs! Just vacuum them as you would normally and hit any stains or tough-to-clean spots with a high-quality carpet cleaner!               

Are you convinced now that you know the right choice is adding a stair runner to your home? Give Hopkins Carpet One a call today at 952-933-6422, stop by our showroom or contact us!



When it comes to choosing the best type of carpet for stairs, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some recommendations:

1. Durability:

Staircases experience heavy foot traffic, so it's important to choose a carpet that is durable and can withstand the wear and tear. Look for carpets with high twist or density ratings, as they tend to be more resilient.

2. Fiber:

The ideal fibers for stairs are those that withstand crushing, wear and matting, namely wool and nylon. Softer fibers will mat, flatten and quickly show signs of wear: polyester, Triexta, viscose/rayon, silk, and olefin (polypropylene) are generally less ideal.

3. Construction:

Stairs are high-traffic areas, and a carpet with a low and dense pile or looped construction, such as Berber, is generally a good choice. These types of carpets are less likely to show wear and matting, and they can also be easier to clean.

4. Stain-resistant:

Stairs are prone to spills and stains, so selecting a carpet that has stain-resistant properties can help in maintaining its appearance. Look for carpets that are made with more stain-resistant fibers, such as nylon, or that have a top-level stain warranty. (Note: Not all carpet warranties cover stairs, so read your warranty guides carefully).

5. Darker colors or patterns:

Stairs tend to accumulate dirt and show wear more visibly than other areas. Opting for darker-colored carpets or those with patterns can help camouflage any stains or signs of wear.

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