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Maybe you’ve heard the term “off-gassing” with scary headlines claiming that household materials can cause serious health issues. There are some frightening claims out there and the experts at Hopkins Carpet One would like to take the time to address some of these concerns.


First, what is off-gassing? Off-gassing refers to possible volatile organic compounds or VOCs and chemicals being emitted from new furniture or similar household materials. Some people confuse that new carpet smell with the off-gassing of VOCs. But, let’s take a look at the facts.


FACT: Carpet is one of the lowest emitters of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) among household furnishings and building materials, and other textiles.


FACT: All of the carpeting being sold at Hopkins Carpet One (as well as most established flooring stores) goes through extensive indoor air quality tests before it even reaches our stores.


FACT: Carpeting can actually help you breathe easier. Carpet traps allergens and is capable of holding in soil, dust and the like, helping those with allergies.


All-in-all, new carpet smell does not equal leaking chemicals. And, claims that formaldehyde is being emitted by off-gassing are simply untrue.

Formaldehyde is not a concern as it is no longer used in the manufacturing process in the United States. In fact, scientific studies now show that carpet is one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds (VOCS) into the indoor environment. And, carpet has recently been proven to emit fewer VOCs than other household interior products like wall paint.


And, all of our carpets are Green Label certified. Green Label and Green Label Plus ensure that customers are purchasing the lowest emitting carpet, adhesive and cushion products on the market.


Although we love that new carpet smell, we also understand that it’s not everyone’s favorite aroma. If this is the case for you, it is a good idea to open the windows after a carpet installation to allow the room to air out for a while. What VOCs new carpet may emit are short-lived and largely dissipate within 24 to 48 hours. And, this occurs even faster with fresh air ventilation, as well as vacuuming.


And, if you’ve heard that only natural carpet is the way to go, while wool carpet makes a great addition to any home; even wool carpeting includes fire retardant chemicals necessary for the safety of the home.


If you still feel uneasy about off-gassing, speak to one of our carpet professionals and we can answer any questions you might have about the safety of our carpeting.


If you have any questions about carpet and chemicals, off-gassing or carpeting in general, call the experts at Hopkins Carpet One at 952-933-6422 or Contact Us Here.


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