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Our Laminate Flooring Selection in Hopkins, MN

Today’s laminate flooring is nothing like what it used to be when first introduced to the market. It is incredibly resilient and durable and has gained a lot of popularity because of how easy it is to install and maintain. Hopkins Carpet One Floor & Home is your local flooring retailer, and we are here to help you find the best floor for your home. Laminate flooring is seeing a rise in popularity lately because of its realistic visuals. Manufacturers are using new high-definition printing technology to replicate the look and feel of real wood or tile in laminate floors. Want to learn more? Visit our showroom in Hopkins, Minnesota, or shop our laminate selection online now!


What is laminate flooring? It is a type of synthetic flooring that is made by fusing layers of different materials together using a process called lamination. Although these planks look like wood, they actually contain no wood products at all, and are rather made of resins and fiberboard particles. This helps to keep the cost of the floors lower so they are more affordable than most hardwood floors.



Laminate vs Hardwood

There are a variety of differences between laminate and hardwood. For starters, laminate does not use any real wood products. This means that the planks are less susceptible to moisture and humidity. One similarity laminate has with engineered hardwood planks is the way the planks are constructed. They both use layers that are fused together to make them more durable and sturdier. Compared to hardwood, laminate is more resistant to denting and scratching because of its surface layer. Although not all laminate is waterproof, it features more water resistant qualities than most hardwood options. That means these planks can be installed in areas of your home with more moisture.



Best Places to Install Laminate

Since laminate is durable, stain resistant, and mold resistant, they can be installed in high-traffic areas of your home. Those most popular places to install laminate includes living rooms, hallways, entryways, and dining rooms. As we mentioned before, there are laminate options that are more durable and resistant to moisture than others. These types of laminate floors can be installed in kitchens and laundry rooms and even in finished basements.



Our Selection of Laminate Flooring

As a member of the Carpet One cooperative, we have the purchasing power of 1,000 stores strong. We are also backed by our local roots and take pride in being locally owned and operated. This gives us an advantage over the big box stores, because we can work closely with our customers and build relationships. Our selection of laminate flooring includes name brands you love as well as exclusive Carpet One brands you will not find anywhere else.






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How to Maintain Laminate Floors

Laminate is known to be the flooring with carefree maintenance. Get the looks of hardwood in your home but with the added durability of laminate.




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